Huntsville’s Dogs and Venues

Huntsville's Dogs & Venues

Everyone at Huntsville Music loves enjoying a nice patio with local music; but wouldn’t you love it even more if you could enjoy it with your favorite pup? Of course! Luckily, many of our venues have patios where our furry friends can hang out.



1. The Camp

The Camp is located off of 72 within MidCity District. Decorated with food, drinks, coffee, and a stage for live music, this outdoor destination is perfect for you and your pup. They have plenty of shade and the workers always seem happy to see a furry snoot!

2. Providence

    • The Casual Pint

The Casual Pint has two outdoor patios, one out front and one in back. If you’re looking for the best view of the music that night, try to snag a seat on the front patio. On nice nights, this bar raises the garage doors, so that everyone on the front patio gets a front row seat.

    • Brickhouse

Brickhouse is the proud owner of the huge brick patio right behind the Providence sign. This spot has plenty of table and chairs for you to hang out at along with excellent outdoor service.

    • Moe’s BBQ

Moe’s BBQ is just a short walk from both The Casual Pint and Brickhouse. The outdoor spot to hang out is fenced in and gets a great view of all the other doggo-friends passing by.

3. Lowe Mill

Lowe Mill has plenty of pet-friendly areas for you enjoy, except for the dining areas. You can enjoy Concerts on the Dock with your pup along with many other Huntsvillians.

4. Campus 805

    • Straight to Ale

Located at the forefront of Campus 805 is Straight to Ale. While the front of this brewery is not dog-friendly, take a quick jaunt around the back to the pet-friendly enclosed patio. Complete with a bar and full-service tables, this place is one of the best to beat the heat.

    • Yellowhammer

If you’d like to do a bit of barhopping with your pup, Yellowhammer is just across the green from Straight to Ale. You’ll cross a large grassy area that on Friday and Saturday nights will be full of music and happy chatter.

    • Innerspace

Located close to the Campus 805 area is Innerspace Brewing Co. This brewery is dog friendly with concrete floors and an outdoor area to enjoy the music.

    • Salty Nut

The Salty Nut is just next door. Complete with a large grassy area and an abundance of shady spots, this brewery is one of my favorites for me and my dog, Ghost.

5. Big Spring Park

    • Pane e Vino

Pane e Vino is located within Big Spring Park, one of the long-standing jewels in Huntsville. Often, they will have music on their enclosed patio that can be either heated or cooled.


An added bonus, almost all of the events in Big Spring Park are dog friendly!



6. The Nook

The Nook has dog-friendly tables on the patio that are covered with fans. This is a great place to beat the heat, but make sure you get there early – there’s limited seating.

7. Rocket Republic

Rocket Republic loves dogs. They are more than happy to accommodate both you and your pup. Now with two locations, you can enjoy the music in both downtown and in Madison.

8. Fractal Brewing Project

Located close to the Ice Complex, this brewery has a huge outdoor patio that is both covered and has fans. Often, there are food trucks, music, and plenty of doggo-friends to hang out with. This is another favorite for me and Ghost.

9. Below the Radar

Below the Radar is a downtown bar with an outdoor, fenced-in patio. While seating is limited, this is a great place to enjoy music and drinks and people-watch with your favorite furry friend.

10. Mad Malt’s

Mad Malt’s is the north-most brewery on this list. Complete with a biergarten, you and your dog should have a fantastic time enjoying the music and drinks.

11. Humphrey’s

When Googling what venues are dog-friendly in Huntsville, Humphrey’s consistently pops up at the top of the list – and it’s very clear why. With a ton of covered, outdoor seating, this bar is an excellent choice. This is going to be mine and Ghost’s next stop!

12. Green Bus

Green Bus is a downtown venue with a dog-friendly patio. While the outdoor patio is not large, you can enjoy music, people-watching, and some amazing drinks with your pup. Don’t forget – you can always grab a purple cup and take Fido for a walk.

13. Gold Sprint

Located just down the street from the Lowe Mill, Gold Sprint offers another great spot to hang out with your dog. The perfect spot at this location is on outdoor patio and garage doors lifted to hear Wanda Wesolowski or Alex Hendrix sing.

14. Old Black Bear

Old Black Bear is a Madison favorite. This brewery-restaurant has ample dog-friendly, covered, outdoor seating. The outdoor area is one of my favorite spots, both with and without Ghost. You’re sure to hear the music anywhere throughout this fun place.

15. Old Town Beer Exchange (OTBX)

Old Town Beer Exchange is exceedingly dog-friendly; between the paw print on the front door and community water bowl, you’re sure to have a fantastic time. Make sure to ask for some dog treats when you order your beer.

16. BeeZr

BeeZr is located just across from the Madison County Courthouse and is probably the newest restaurant on this list. This brewery accommodates dogs on their outdoor patio.

17. Bowler Hat

Another Madison-located brewery, this brewery is just off 72. Seating is limited, but this is still a great place to enjoy music and drinks with your pup.

18. The Brass Tap

Just across the street from Whole Foods Market sits The Brass Tap. With the large garage doors, you will be able to enjoy the music with your dog at the outdoor seating area located just to the left.

Because policies can change at any time, please contact the brewery before heading out to confirm that dogs are welcome.