How Helps Artists

2020 has not been kind to musicians. We’ve seen months of gigless confusion, loss of income, and now uncertainty surrounding new live stream rules (thanks, Facebook). Growing concern over impending small venue closures is pairing well with our generalized anxiety disorders, but hey- at least we’re writing songs about all our feelings of dread! It seems like the entire music industry is collectively waiting for the next shoe to drop.

This, strangely enough, made it a perfect time for the new to appear. Being able to lay all the groundwork before the industry is fully reopened ensures that everything done on the new site is proactive instead of reactive. This leads to mindful moves instead of scrambling, and lets you know that everything being set in place is a conscious decision made to help Huntsville’s Music Scene.

I know what you’re thinking- sure, but how will HM help Huntsville’s music scene? Oh, let me count the ways.



A city-wide music calendar has no downside. You’re a musician wanting to get your gigs out to a wider audience? This benefits you. You’re a music lover wanting to see when your favorites are out and about? This is for you. You’re a visitor to the city and have no idea what’s going on, but are able to Google the words ‘Huntsville’ and ‘music’ in conjunction? This will make all your dreams come true.

The new site design offers a sleek, visual calendar that is easy to navigate on desktop and phone, so you can make music-related plans on the go. Make sure your upcoming gigs are on our calendar.


This site is run by social media and marketing professionals, so content strategy is kind of a big deal here. Artist Spotlights are already happening on Instagram, with blogs and videos to come. The great part about operating as a general community resource is that there’s no ulterior motive. There’s no pay-to-play tactic, there are no ticket sales, there’s nothing to gain other than a thriving music scene.

As a musician, I cannot stress enough the importance of features by official, branded sites and organizations. This gives credibility to you as an artist in a way that your own outlet can’t always do. It also continues to place your face in front of new listeners, who quickly turn into fans and friends. If you have an album release or big upcoming show that you’d like to submit for featured content consideration, email us!


John F. Kennedy once said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” This is a quote I return to time and time again when thinking about Huntsville’s culture. We are at a true turning point, and that feels scary and exciting. But JFK was spot on when he said that whatever is good for one is good for all when it comes to drawing attention to our little scene.

Every time music lovers are directed to Huntsville, it’s a win. Becoming a force in the national music scene doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a thousand little steps that lead someone (accidentally, sometimes) to our door. HM will continue dropping those breadcrumbs.

More To Come

These are just some of the strategies HM has up its sleeves. You can expect more from us: more content, more promotion, more passion, more commitment. As we work toward our official launch, we will stay communicative and keep you informed on all the cool projects we’ll be rolling out.
Until then, make sure you’re getting free promotion by being listed on our Artist page and stay connected on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming artist spotlights!