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Big news, Huntsville — the new Know Huntsville-powered is live.

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Last week, we let you in on the not-so-secret news that Know Huntsville had acquired We told you what this would mean for you: a fresh look for the up-to-date Huntsville live music events calendar, a spicy new blog, a concerted social media presence, and more. Plus, we gave some context relating to the Sound Diplomacy music audit as well as our mission statement.

Since then, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes with local organizations like Downtown Huntsville Inc, the city’s Music Board, the CVB, and Arts Huntsville to figure out how to help transform our vibrant city into a thriving destination Music City. Local artists and venues have also shown their support. We’re working closely with them to develop a streamlined process for keeping our calendar and resources as up to date as possible.

All of this stems from the Sound Diplomacy Music Audit. The audit details over 40 specific recommendations on how the city can make Huntsville a Music City destination.

To quote ourselves, “Our mission at is to fulfill as many of these recommendations as we can with the goal of helping transform Huntsville into a key player on the music scene. In turn, we make local music easy to reach and accessible to everyone – both Huntsville natives and music-lovers nationwide.

We want Huntsville to be a contender on the music scene on as large a scale as possible, so part of our efforts will be to create a well-rounded resource to attract acts and fans from outside of the area.”

Read more about how exactly we plan on fulfilling the Music Audit’s recommendations here.

Sound Diplomacy

As for Huntsville’s live music scene? 

It’s go time.

Our official launch is slated for January 2021 (mark your calendars, music junkies). But starting today, we’ll be bringing the Tennessee valley live music updates in the form of articles, social posts, and, most importantly, a reliable Huntsville live music events calendar.

This is a community-oriented project that couldn’t exist without the support of said community, which means you! If you have any questions, comments, or would like to contribute, please reach out and send an email to We would love to hear from you.