Local Artist Lana White Releases EP

Spotlight - Lana White
Lana White

Huntsville’s own Lana White has a new EP out titled ‘Evergreen’ and I cannot get enough.

‘Evergreen’ is the kind of collection you listen to during an evening alone, when you’ve lit one too many candles, poured a glass of dark wine, and invited introspection in.

Says White of the EP, “The songs contained in Evergreen are very vulnerable, raw snapshots of what life is like for people who are in long-term relationships, pondering life’s meaning, dealing with mental health issues, and trying to live as authentically as possible.”

Vulnerable is an apt description. There are five songs on Evergreen, all threaded together by White’s signature indie-acoustic sound though each strong enough to stand alone.

“Making Up” has a rock edge to it, White’s voice earnest with both pain and accusation. “Wither” is a soft, mournful song where White’s vocals gentle into something defiant and heartbreaking. “Leave it Broken” goes more soulful, while “Rows to Hoe” slips into a narrative that captures White’s southern influence. The titular track, “Evergreen,” is reminiscent of early 2000s indie-rock, calling to mind the Goo Goo Dolls and Sheryl Crow all tied up with a sweeter, more feminine bow.

When asked about her songwriting process, White was forthcoming. “I write regularly, sometimes in just little segments of words and phrases, just to build ideas and subjects. I don’t always write from personal experience. Oftentimes, my muse is a friend’s experience. Social media is also a treasure trove of ideas!”

But why an EP? Why not release a full album? Like everything about White’s songwriting process, this decision was a purposeful one.

“I’ve written around 25 new songs over the last year and decided early on to release them in groups of 5 or 6 as EP releases because with streaming services, people have gotten used to skipping around. The thought of having 10-12 songs in a release made me feel like they wouldn’t get enough time from the listener.”

When it comes to the sound of ‘Evergreen’ versus past and future album releases, White has an explanation for that, too.

“My idea was to group the songs by how well they flowed together sonically regarding the theme, tempo, and overall vibe. I have a tendency to be very inconsistent with sticking to a particular genre, so releasing smaller groups of songs at a time helps me create a specific niche with each release.”

As far as what’s up next for Lana White and her advice for up-and-coming songwriters?

Lana White - Evergreen

It's Not Over Yet

Lana White - Its Not Over Yet

Beautiful Secret

Lana White - Beautiful Secret

Bridge Between

Lana White - Bridge Between


Lana White - Better

“I’ve made 4 music videos for my new songs which are all on my YouTube channel and social media. I used my phone, a GoPro, a website called Canva for stock footage, and video editing software called Wondershare to create my videos. I have received such positive feedback from fans saying they connect to the songs even deeper with the imagery from the videos, so I encourage all indie artists to make them!”

She isn’t playing any live shows just yet due to COVID constraints and safety concerns, but White is optimistic that once the climate is a bit more secure, she’ll finally be able to showcase her new EP.

As for the local music scene, Lana sings Huntsville’s praises and offers a single suggestion: “We need more venues [in Huntsville] that will showcase original artists. I spent a lot of time doing cover shows last year, but I really want more opportunities to play my originals!”

To learn more about Lana White including an overview of her accomplishments (like radioplay and podcast theme songs), check out her website at LanaWhiteMusic.com.

To listen to the Evergreen EP, you can visit Lana White’s website to purchase the album or stream it on Spotify and iTunes.

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Lana performing with Billy Pettinger on Know Huntsville below