HuntsvilleMusic.com is owned and operated by Grace Treutel and Tom Patterson of Know Huntsville.


Grace Treutel

Grace is a relatively new transplant to Huntsville and, as a third culture kid, has fallen in love with its eclectic arts and culture scene. She’s been in marketing for nearly a decade and works behind the scenes (mostly) at HuntsvilleMusic.com as the Content Director to keep our blog updated, ensure we stay organized, and connect you with local musicians and venues, wherever you may be.

She’s got two kids, two pets, and two as-yet unpublished novels. In her spare time, Grace writes, bakes, explores, and talks to strangers.

Tom Patterson

Tom Patterson

Tom has spent over half his life in Huntsville and has become a local fixture on the arts and culture scene through multiple projects including his award-winning podcast, Know Huntsville. He serves as the Creative Director for Huntsville Music, liaising with local players on the music scene as well as managing the site and keeping our calendar and directories as up-to-date and informative as possible.

Tom has two boys, Danny and Jackson, and spends his free time at his cabin in Tennessee.


In 2019, the city of Huntsville commissioned an audit of the local music scene. The Sound Diplomacy Music Audit outlined over 40 specific recommendations on how the city can make Huntsville a Music City destination.

“A Music City is defined as a city that embeds music as a tool into its collective governance ethos, across economic development, tourism, education, equity, and overall quality of life.”

Sound Diplomacy Sound Audit, Executive Summary

Our mission at HuntsvilleMusic.com is to fulfill as many of these recommendations as we can with the goal of helping transform Huntsville into a key player on the music scene. In turn, we make local music easy to reach and accessible to everyone – both Huntsville natives and music-lovers nationwide.

We want Huntsville to be a contender on the music scene on as large a scale as possible, and HuntsvilleMusic.com is the answer.