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About Us

The Vision

It’s a very exciting time in Huntsville, and growing our music ecosystem to its full potential is a goal the City takes seriously. Ensuring our success as a music city requires community engagement at every level to support our music scene and bring more attention to the positive things happening here.

The Huntsville Music Office is tasked with creating a more dynamic and diverse music scene that strengthens our economy and enhances the quality of life for residents and guests. We are committed to supporting the career development of music industry professionals and aim to set a positive example to the broader community through promoting fair and competitive pay for work performed within the music sector, based on the value of the services provided. Here’s a look at our goals and initiatives, which we look forward to strengthening and amending.


Comprehensive Live Music Calendar

We’re proud to offer a comprehensive live music and event calendar as a resource for musicians to help promote their performances to a larger audience, and to encourage both local and visiting music fans to attend more shows.


Huntsville Music Month

Recognized annually in September as the official celebration of Huntsville’s music scene. The month is an initiative to showcase the depth of our city’s music sector, boost our creative economy, promote tourism, and provide career development resources for those within our local music community. Visit the Huntsville Music Month page to learn more!


Business Development

The Huntsville Music Office is the official economic development office for the City of Huntsville, with one of its cornerstones being to identify and recruit music-related economic development opportunities. We want to connect with everyone interested in helping us continue to build a deep and diverse music industry in Huntsville that strengthens our growing economy and creates new music-related jobs and opportunities for those in the music sector to earn more income. The office’s resources are an unparalleled source of information to assist companies and their decision-makers with expansion and relocation. Reach out to Matt.Mandrella@HuntsvilleAL.gov to explore how we can help accelerate your creative ideas towards fruition.


Quarterly Music Community Meetups

Quarterly meetings, held at different venues in Huntsville, give those within our music community an opportunity to network with other stakeholders, meet the Music Officer, members of the Huntsville Music Board and others to collaborate, express ideas, and learn more about The Huntsville Music Office’s future plans first-hand. Stay up-to-date on future events by signing up for our e-newsletter and following us on social media.